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Other books

Rita Berman's most recent book "Military Wives and Widows Tell Their Stories" is now on Amazon.com (2018).

Also "Ariana Mangum's Books and columns."  Published in 2017.

IN 2014 my mystery-romance called "THE KEY" was published by Righter Publishing Co.  Now available on Amazon, Kindle and iPod.
The Righter Monthly Review is available on line. My Dusting Motes Essay appeared in June, 2014 followed by 
an article on Louise Shivers,. author of "Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail,"  in September. 

Published in November 2013.  "The Dating Adventures of a Widow", by Righter Publishing Co. a collection of my creative nonfiction and award-winning short stories. Available on Amazon in e-book and Kindle versions. 
The previous year I wrote and published "Still Hopping, Still Hoping", a biography of Carla Shuford, (Righter Publishing Co, 2012). After ten years working as a free-lance writer I wrote a how-to "The A-Z of Writing and Selling" that was published by Moore Publishing Co, in 1981.  It was chosen by the Writer's Digest Book Club as a featured selection for September 198l. 

After more than 40 years as a free-lancer I have published over 500 feature, travel, business and trade journal articles, and newsletter columns for diverse publications in the United States and Great Britain.
My chapters on writing appear in The Writer's Handbook 2001, 1999, 1995, and How to Write and Sell Your Articles, (The Writer, Inc).  Travel essays reprinted in The Best of Britain, (International Travel News, 2000).  
My memoir "I Saw London Burning," was published in Celebrating Family History (Heritage Books, 2005).
In 2011 The Chapel Hill Historical Society recognized me as "As Chapel Hill Town Treasure."  However, I now live in Mebane, North Carolina.  I recently completed three years as President of the Ashbury Crossing Cottages Homeowners Association. 

In addition to writing and lecturing I enjoy editing the work of other writers. "The Criminal Justice System and a View from the Bottom", by Joseph Marro, was published in March 2013 by Righter Books, Timberlake, NC and is available on Amazon.com 

I have kept a journal since 1962 and some excerpts were published in Righter Quarterly Review, Summer 2017.   For the past three years I have volunteered as a writing coach in 1st Grade at the Efland-Cheeks Elementary School. Working with these students is joyful and rewarding as I observe their early efforts in writing stories.    

August 2017