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My latest book, completed in July 2016,  is a memoir of my childhood experiences growing up in the East End of London during World War 2. Some of my cousins, who now live in England, Australia, Canada, and Israel have shared their memories of rationing, evacuation, and the bombing of our grandparents' home and factory.  141 pages with 25 photographs.  Available from Righter Publishing Company, Graham, North Carolina.   

The Dating Adventures of a Widow, published in 2013, is based on some of my experiences after I became a widow.  After being married for 34 years I was surprised to find myself dating more men than when I was single.
My story offers humor and advice to women and may suggest some dating No-noes to men.  Also included in this small book is The Polish Professor, a family story that took place in London, England after World War 2 when my father and brother met the Professor.  Something to Think About, Solitary Confinement, and In Sickness and in Health are fictional but triggered off by incidents in my own life.  The poem The Beach was created for a lecture on Gertrude Stein and her work that I gave to members of Shared Learning of Chapel Hill.

My most recent book, "The Key" was published in 2014 by Righterbooks,com .  This is a mystery/romance set in a small town in the South.  If Tappell Hill is uncannily like Chapel Hill, well it is.  Fiction based on my experience in having a house built.   Dan, a carpenter in his mid-thirties is one of the construction crews working on a housing development.  He is proud of his work and develops an obsession with a lakefront house that he is building.  The mystery begins when Emily, a young, single woman who works in the U. S. District Court, buys the house and moves in.   

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Get Rita Berman's latest book "Parallel Lives." A memoir of Living in London during World War 2.  Now available on Amazon and Kindle.‚Äč